Complete graphic chart of a company :

– logotype

– colour schemes used

– Lettering styles, typography selected

– Graphic elements and key visuals specifics to the company

– Choice of images

– Choice of illustrations

The visual identity of a company or organization reflects its personality who is unic.

Thus, the visual identity must be, for a company, clearly identifiable and distinguishable for its clients or its target audience. 

Personalised creation of :

– Showcase site

– Blog, landing page or mini website

– Redesign of websites

Support in the redaction, the design, the online publishing and the maintenance / follow-up.

Completely manageable by yourself.

All my websites creations are :

– Responsive in the design (mobiles optimised)

– Referencing and optimised (SEO, natural referencing)

– The reflection of the image / objectives of the company

Graphic design creations of : 

– Key visuals for social media, website

– Banners, headers, teasers, gif

– Infography

– Commercial brochures

– Powerpoint presentations 

– Email signatures

Completely adapted to your needs and objectives.

Every communication support allows a company to communicate effectively on its offer to build commitment.

Marketing allows a company to effectively reaching the various audiences targeted.

Creations tailored of : 

– Illustrations series

– Collage

– Painting

– Semi-professional photos

– Basic stop motion

– Basic slow motion

– Basic motion graphic design animations (after effects)

Every artistic creation or shooting for a company or organisation allows it to strengthen its arguments or its offer.

It’s a complementary work with the Visual identity, the Website, Marketing and communication of a company, to express its social utility.