Tran • si • tion [tran – zish – uhn]

n. 1. passage from one form, state, style or place to another
2. a period of transformation


While our society restructure and re-invent itself around environmental, social and economic issues, some citizen movements are emerging !

One of them : the Transition movement that challenge our relationship to the world and our individual and collective action to find solutions. The opportunity to talk about my action and my graphic design approach in my daily job. 



A. Transiton, a world major movement for reimagine and rebuild our world


The Transition Network was started in England in 2006 in the tiny town of Totnes.

As an permaculture teacher, Rob Hopkins had created the Transition model with its students… today more than 2.000 Transition initiatives are being undertaken around the world, grouped in the International Transition Network.



What is Transition ?


« It is about communities stepping up to address the big challenges they face by starting local. By coming together, they are able to crowd-source solutions. They seek to nurture a caring culture, one focused on supporting each other, both as groups or as wider communities »

– Circular model & Reconomy,


Present in more than 50 countries, this approach stimulate entrepreneurship and introduces an economic and working model by working together and joining forces.



Transition in practice


It seeks to establish clear solutions based on a positive view of the future :

– Reduce substantially, individually and collectively, our consumption of fossil energy and our CO2 emissions

– Enhance resilience of our territories, their capacity to cope  the futures chocs, by relocating the economy

– Strengthening links, all solidarities and cooperation between all stakeholders in a given territory

– Acquire skills which become necessary to enhance of our autonomy



B. Act local, starting by me : graphic design in transition


After several salaried activities in France, I felt the need to launch my freelance activity to include my own values to my work.

With a double Master degree in my back pocket, I then launched an offer combining my double skill : Graphic design and digital marketing.


Indeed, after a Master degree in Digital Marketing in Lille, I did a Master in Artistic Direction and Digital Design in Paris, which allows me to cover large range of digital communication.

Specialised in Digital, it was decided that I will acting in my level, for the Transition Network by offering my services to local producers, to local economic actors with concretes objectives.


My objectives are then :


1. 100% of local clients en 2021 (70% in 2020)


2. Eco-responsable digital approach and propositions


3. Being engaged in the permaculture and acting as a person as much as I can


4. Meet people that are now proposing social and environmental solutions around the world with my World-transitionner trip in 2020



C. A world-transitionner trip in 2020 (start in 112 days)


2020 it’s a big step in my project : continues to work with my french clients while I will encounter the world as Transitonner Webdesigner and digital nomad. 


Culturally enrich myself, gain experience, taking inspiration from those who find solutions to promote them professionnally. 


Increasingly giving a social and environnemental meaning to my graphic design approach.


This world-transitionner trip will begin on the 6 March 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand.


See you in a few weeks, exactly here to track my profesionnal aventures and meetings !